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26 Car Models Dealerships Simply Cannot Sell

Are you in the market for a new vehicle but haven’t quite made up your mind on which car to choose? If so, you may want to take a look at the car models that dealers are having the hardest time selling. You might just be able to negotiate a slightly better deal. Below we’ve detailed 26 of the car models dealerships are having the most difficulty moving off of their lots.

26 Cars Dealers Can’t Sell

Without further ado, here’s the ultimate list of new cars dealers cannot sell.

#26 BMW 6 Series

2019 BMW 6 Series in Bronze

2019 Starting MSRP: $70,300
Days On Lot: 130.3
2018 Sales: 3,764
2017 Sales 3,355
Engine: 3.0L 6-cylinder, 4.4L V8
MPG: 20 city / 29 highway
Horsepower: 315 to 445
Torque: 330 to 480 lb-ft

Like most BMW series, the 6 comes in multiple engine options, but that doesn’t seem to make much difference to buyers as they’re not buying any trim levels. BMW’s problem lies with the competition. For example, the Lexus LS is comparable but far more appealing to buyers in this price range. Further adding to BMW’s 6 series woes is that buyers in this price range often want more, such as an SUV and the Mercedes-Benz GLS and Lincoln Navigator offer just that.

#25 Cadillac CTS

2019 Cadillac CTS in White

2019 Starting MSRP: $46,995
Days On Lot: 130.3
2018 Sales: 11,219
2017 Sales 10,344
Engine: 2.0L 4-cylinder, 3.6L V6
MPG: 22 city / 30 highway
Horsepower: 268 to 420
Torque: 285 to 430 lb-ft

The CTS from Cadillac is great looking, powerful, luxurious, and affordable. So why aren’t car buyers purchasing it? There is a lot of competition in the luxury sedan class; however, reviews of the CTS are often hard-hitting in regards to handling and overall comfort. Two rather important feautures of any luxury sedan. If there’s some good news for Cadillac, it’s that the CTS shaved 42 days off of its average days on the lot from 172.3 in 2017.

#24 GMC Canyon

2019 GMC Canyon in Black

2019 Starting MSRP: $22,200
Days On Lot: 130.6
2018 Sales: 33,492
2017 Sales 32,106
Engine: 2.5L 4-cylinder, 2.8L 4-cylinder, 3.6L V6
MPG: 20 city / 30 highway
Horsepower: 181 to 308
Torque: 191 to 369 lb-ft

The Canyon is a mid-size pickup truck that GMC was compelled to introduce to the world in 2015. Unfortunately, for the Canyon, there are a lot of players in the mid-size pickup space. To make things worse, many would-be buyers are being lured away by mid-size SUVs with comparable power and MPG. With that said, GMC still managed to move over 33,000 units in 2018.

#23 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen

2019 Volkswagen Golf SportsWagen in Gray

2019 Starting MSRP: $21,895
Days On Lot: 130.6
2018 Sales: 14,123
2017 Sales 26,700
Engine: 1.4L 4-cylinder, 1.8L 40-cylinder
MPG: 29 city / 37 highway
Horsepower: 147 to 168
Torque: 184 to 199 lb-ft

The Volkswagen Golf is one of the most recognizable cars in the world, but here in the U.S., the German auto manufacturer appeared to have overestimated demand for its wagon trim. That has resulted in the SportsWagen version of the Golf sitting on dealer lots for more than four months after arrival. If looking for a new cars that gets great gas mileage with the cargo space of a small SUV, take a closer look at this car.

#22 Fiat 500X

2019 Fiat 500X in Navy Blue

2019 Starting MSRP: $19,995
Days On Lot: 130.7
2018 Sales: 5,223
2017 Sales 7,665
Engine: 1.3L 4-cylinder
MPG: 22 city / 30 highway
Horsepower: 177
Torque: 200 lb-ft

It’s not the most stylish car that sits on dealer lots, which may be why it takes nearly 131 days to sell. Not to mention, the 500X is just one of four Fiats that have made this list. Evidently, reliability is a major problem for the 500X; despite it coming equipped with all-wheel drive and decent safety features. This car is better suited for winding European back roads or perhaps inner-city commuting as opposed to a daily-driver used for long commutes.

#21 Hyundai Santa Fe

2019 Hyundai Santa Fe in Blue

2019 Starting MSRP: $24,250
Days On Lot: 130.9
2018 Sales: 94,016
2017 Sales 105,416
Engine: 2.0L 4-cylinder, 2.4L 4-cylinder
MPG: 22 city / 29 highway
Horsepower: 185 to 235
Torque: 178 to 260 lb-ft

The Santa Fe is a surprisingly comfortable-riding SUV and clearly Americans are buying them in droves. So what gives? Why are buyers taking so long to scoop them up? Reports suggest that buyers may have been waiting for the 2019 refreshed version of the Santa Fe. When the numbers come in for 2019, industry experts are expecting for sales to hit the six-figure number again.

#20 Buick Regal

2019 Buick Regal in Red

2019 Starting MSRP: $25,070
Days On Lot: 132.8
2018 Sales: 14,118
2017 Sales 11,559
Engine: 2.0L 4-cylinder, 3.6L V6
MPG: 22 city / 32 highway
Horsepower: 250 to 310
Torque: 260 to 295 lb-ft

Buick’s Regal sedan has been described by most as, “blah.” Which definitely accounts for why no one is buying it. Correction, accounts for why only elderly people buy it. There’s absolutely nothing inspiring about the Regal. It looks plain, it lacks power, it’s heavy and slow, and compared to real luxury sedans, it’s looks and feels cheaply made. Buyers know that there are an abundance of better options available.

#19 Cadillac XT5

2019 Cadillac XT5 in Maroon

2019 Starting MSRP: $41,695
Days On Lot: 133
2018 Sales: 60,565
2017 Sales 68,312
Engine: 3.6L V6
MPG: 19 city / 26 highway
Horsepower: 310
Torque: 271 lb-ft

The XT5 is Cadillac’s answer to the compact SUV market and they’ve sold quite a few in recent years. The biggest problem the XT5 faces in this car segment is its price. Honda’s CR-V, Mazda’s CX-5, Nissan’s Rogue, Kia’s Sportage, Toyota’s RAV4, Ford’s Escape, Chevrolet’s Equinox, Subaru’s Foester, and Hyundai’s Tucson (to name a few) are all compact SUVs priced in the mid-$20,000s (a little more than half the XT5’s sticker price). Yeah, the XT5 packs a punch, but so too do the aforementioned manufacturers mid-size SUVs; all of which are bigger with more space.

#18 Toyota Yaris iA

2019 Toyota Yaris iA in Blue

2019 Starting MSRP: $15,450
Days On Lot: 133.4
2018 Sales: 25,115
2017 Sales 35,727
Engine: 1.5L 4-cylinder
MPG: 32 city / 40 highway
Horsepower: 106
Torque: 103 lb-ft

Toyota’s Yaris iA is perfect for the fuel-efficient, price-conscious buyer. The only problem is that this doesn’t describe the average car buyer in the U.S. Toyota sold around 10,000 fewer units of the Yaris iA in 2018 compared to the previous year. Which suggests there are too many competitors competing for too few buyers. If you’re on a tight budget and want an inexpensive, brand new car, the Yaris iA is a good option for you.

#17 Cadillac ATS

2019 Cadillac ATS in Silver

2019 Starting MSRP: $38,995
Days On Lot: 135.2
2018 Sales: 10,859
2017 Sales 13,100
Engine: 2.0L 4-cylinder, 3.6L V6
MPG: 22 city / 30 highway
Horsepower: 272 to 335
Torque: 285 to 295 lb-ft

Introducing the third Cadillac to make the list, the ATS; which is also the fifth time making this annual list. The ATS has never been a great selling car, much of which has to do with its hideous looks when first introduced. While, admittedly, the sedan version is now one of the sexiest cars Cadillac ever made, the two-door, sportier version still looks pathetic. And guess what? Cadillac discontinued the sedan in 2018, so the coupe is all you can get nowadays.

#16 Fiat 124 Spider

2019 Fiat 124 Spider in White

2019 Starting MSRP: $25,190
Days On Lot: 137
2018 Sales: 3,515
2017 Sales 4,478
Engine: 1.4L 4-cylinder
MPG: 26 city / 35 highway
Horsepower: 160 to 164
Torque: 184 lb-ft

If anything can be said about the 124 Spider from Fiat is that it’s fun to drive. It’s pokey on the throttle and nimble around corners – it’s a fun car. But at what point does fun end and utility takes over. Especially, for a parent. Which may account for slow U.S. sales. There just doesn’t seem to be the same following as there is in Europe or, perhaps, no following at all for a manufacturer few buyers heard of 10 years ago.

#15 Mini Cooper

2019 Mini Cooper in Yellow

2019 Starting MSRP: $21,900
Days On Lot: 137.9
2018 Sales: 26,119
2017 Sales 30,710
Engine: 1.4L 4-cylinder
MPG: 26 city / 35 highway
Horsepower: 160 to 164
Torque: 184 lb-ft

The Mini Cooper has been declining in sales for some time now, which has many automotive journalists asking if U.S. buyers are “over it.” As with many cars on this list, price is a major factor. The most important factor the large majority of car buyers take into consideration. So if you can get more, for the same or less cost, why wouldn’t you? Many other buyers are.

#14 Audi A8

2019 Audi A8 in Black

2019 Starting MSRP: $83,800
Days On Lot: 139.3
2018 Sales: 1,599
2017 Sales 3,127
Engine: 3.0L V6, 4.0L V8
MPG: 19 city / 27 highway
Horsepower: 335 to 453
Torque: 325 to 444 lb-ft

Audi’s A8 is a beautiful, well-constructed, luxurious sedan that’s powerful in either engine option. It gets great reviews from buyers and automotive journalists alike, so why isn’t anyone buying it? It may have to do with too much competition, with the Maserati Quattroporte, BMW 7 Series, Lexus LS, Volvo S90, and Jaguar XJ; many of which were recently redesigned. Or the lack of 2018 sales could be due to buyers waiting for the highly anticipated fourth generation A8, introduced in the 2019 model year. Time will tell if the latter is correct.

#13 Volvo 90 Series

2019 Volvo 90 Series in Ruby Red

2019 Starting MSRP: $47,350
Days On Lot: 139.7
2018 Sales: 9,662
2017 Sales 11,090
Engine: 2.0L 4-cylinder
MPG: 21 city / 29 highway
Horsepower: 250 to 316
Torque: 258 to 295 lb-ft

Volvo’s 90 Series is available in a sedan or SUV but as far as consumers go, they’re not interested in either one. As with many cars on this list, the 90 Series is down in year-over-year sales. Volvo did introduce a wagon version for 2019 to go alongside the other two 90 Series vehicles. It will be interesting to see how buyers respond as this category is one of the fastest growing.

#12 Alfa Romeo Stelvio

2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio in Red

2019 Starting MSRP: $40,295
Days On Lot: 141.5
2018 Sales: 12,043
2017 Sales 2,721
Engine: 2.0L 4-cylinder, 2.9L V6
MPG: 22 city / 29 highway
Horsepower: 280 to 505
Torque: 306 to 443 lb-ft

Alfa clearly hit its stride in 2018 with the Romeo Stelvio, their compact luxury SUV. But evidently, buyers aren’t tripping over one another to get their hands on one. The V6 version of this SUV comes equipped with a very powerful engine capable of going from zero-to-60 mph in just 3.9 seconds. The only problem is that you’re going to spend twice as much for this option at $81,590 and there are a number of competitors in this segment, namely Porsche, Bentley, and Rolls-Royce.

#11 Buick LaCrosse

2019 Buick LaCrosse in Black

2019 Starting MSRP: $29,570
Days On Lot: 143.4
2018 Sales: 15,527
2017 Sales 20,161
Engine: 2.5L 4-cylinder, 3.6L V6
MPG: 25 city / 35 highway
Horsepower: 310
Torque: 268 lb-ft

The LaCrosse is yet another disappointing addition to the Buick Lineup in recent years. The redesigns in recent years have lacked inspiration, as with other Buicks, and when comparing apples to apples, buyers can get a much more exciting car to own. It’s because of this that Buick has seen the LaCrosse’s sales numbers plummet is 2018. This can may be classified as a luxury sedan, but I’d rather spend a few thousand more and get into a Nissan Maxima.

#10 Audi A7

2019 Audi A7 in Black

2019 Starting MSRP: $68,000
Days On Lot: 143.4
2018 Sales: 3,852
2017 Sales 4,810
Engine: 3.0L V6
MPG: 22 city / 29 highway
Horsepower: 335
Torque: 369 lb-ft

For a car that doesn’t sell a whole lot of units, I feel like I see more Audi A7s on the road than I should. Though classified as a luxury sedan, the A7 is one of very few that’s also a hatchback. Fewer sales in 2018 may suggest that the A7 has fallen to the wayside as buyer move towards SUVs over sedans, especially four-door hatchbacks.

#9 Fiat 500L

2019 Fiat 500L in Blue

2019 Starting MSRP: $21,910
Days On Lot: 146.2
2018 Sales: 1,413
2017 Sales 1,664
Engine: 1.4L 4-cylinder
MPG: 22 city / 30 highway
Horsepower: 160
Torque: 184 lb-ft

As the fifth worse selling car of 2018, Fiat may want to go back to the drawing board when it comes to the 500L. To add insult to injury, Consumer Reprts ranked Fiat 33rd (last) on their overall ranking of 2019 car makers. It takes special buyer to overlook all of the amazing options available in the low $20,000s and pick a 500L. For Fiat, there’s simply not enough of those buyers around; which may be the writing on the wall for this compact car.

#8 Jaguar XJ

2019 Jaguar XJ in Gray

2019 Starting MSRP: $75,700
Days On Lot: 146.3
2018 Sales: 1,579
2017 Sales 2,721
Engine: 3.0L V6, 5.0L V8
MPG: 18 city / 27 highway
Horsepower: 340 to 575
Torque: 332 to 517 lb-ft

In a somewhat overcrowded market segment, the Jaguar XJ has had a hard time finding much traction. The XJ is a decent looking car, but for $75,000 there are a lot more better looking cars available; not to mention full-size and mid-size luxury SUVs to choose from. If Jaguar wants to carve out a slice of the marketplace for luxury sedans, it’s going to take more than good looks and legendary handling to do so. It’ll be interesting to see how the English automaker responds in 2020.

#7 Chevrolet Impala

2019 Chevrolet Impala in Red

2019 Starting MSRP: $28,020
Days On Lot: 147.7
2018 Sales: 56,556
2017 Sales 75,877
Engine: 2.5L 4-cylinder, 3.6L V6
MPG: 22 city / 29 highway
Horsepower: 197 to 305
Torque: 191 to 264 lb-ft

The Impala is a practical car. It’s a full-size sedan, priced under $30,000 for the LS’s V6 trim, and it gets decent gas mileage. It’s because of this that the automaker sells tens-of-thousands every year, but when you look at 2018’s numbers in comparison to 2017, something drastic has taken place. A slowdown in this segment could be to blame, but as with so many other cars on this list, competition is playing a major factor regarding sales slowing in 2018.

#6 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

2019 Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Grey

2019 Starting MSRP: $53,500
Days On Lot: 156.1
2018 Sales: 47,936
2017 Sales 53,304
Engine: 2.0L 4-cylinder, 3.0L 6-cylinder, 3.0L V6, 4.0L V8
MPG: 21 city / 30 highway
Horsepower: 241 to 603
Torque: 273 to 627 lb-ft

The E-Class from Mercedes is no stranger. After all, the German automaker has been producing it since 1993. The fifth generation was introduced in 2017 and it has been a head-turner ever since. Available in a number of configurations, this car is loved by both young and old drivers. This car has all of the bells and whistles; it’s one of the most luxurious cars you can by, regardless of the trim you choose. So why does it sit on dealer lot for so long? As previously mentioned, the mid-size luxury sedan market is a crowded one. There are a number of cars that stack-up for right around the same price, including offerings from BMW, Lexus, Audi, and Infiniti.

#5 Chrysler 200

2018 Chrysler 200 in Blue

2019 Starting MSRP: N/A
Days On Lot: 157.6
2018 Sales: 1,043
2017 Sales 18,457
Engine: 2.4L 4-cylinder, 3.6L V6
MPG: 23 city / 36 highway
Horsepower: 184 to 295
Torque: 171 to 262 lb-ft

This car was ugly as sin when it first rolled off of the assembly line in 2010 as it was when Chrysler retired it in 2018. There was no reason to ever fork over hard-earned money for such an abysmal automobile. Seeing how the 200 is no longer, we’ll say no more about it. Other than, remember their slogan? It was pitched as, “America’s import.” Which makes not sense.

#4 Fiat 500

2019 Fiat 500 in White

2019 Starting MSRP: $16,495
Days On Lot: 160.3
2018 Sales: 5,370
2017 Sales 12,685
Engine: 2.4L 4-cylinder, 3.6L V6
MPG: 23 city / 36 highway
Horsepower: 184 to 295
Torque: 171 to 262 lb-ft

Blah, blah, blah… The Fiat 500-whatever. As with it’s 500 cousins, this car is doomed. At least in the U.S. market. Consider Ford, a company that, unlike Chrysler or GM, sells plenty of small-sized cars throughout Europe, is no longer selling cars in America. If Ford can’t sell little cars to Americans, how can Fiat?!

#3 Volvo 60 Series

2019 Volvo 60 Series in White

2019 Starting MSRP: $35,800
Days On Lot: 177.9
2018 Sales: 11,876
2017 Sales 16,825
Engine: 2.0L 4-cylinder
MPG: 24 city / 36 highway
Horsepower: 250 to 316
Torque: 258 to 295 lb-ft

Volvo, very cleverly, markets their cars and SUVs to a specific buyer – the soccer mom. The safety-focused parent who puts the well-being of their children ahead of anything else and in reference to Volvo, that means sportiness, acceleration, and the over fun of driving. One theory as to the slowdown in 2018 sales is that perhaps the car is so well made that buyers aren’t looking to replace their older models as quickly as buyers of similar vehicles. There’s also the possibility that buyers were waiting for the 2019 third generation to come out.

#2 Volkswagen Touareg

2017 Volkswagen Touareg in White

2019 Starting MSRP: N/A
Days On Lot: 194.1
2018 Sales: 2,022
2017 Sales 3,545
Engine: 3.6L V6
MPG: 17 city / 23 highway
Horsepower: 280
Torque: 266 lb-ft

It’s a little surprising that Volkswagen’s Touareg was retired in 2017, but not so much when looking at sales numbers. It’s no longer around, so it doesn’t deserve much discussion.

#1 Mitsubishi Lancer

2017 Mitsubishi Lancer in Blue

2019 Starting MSRP: N/A
Days On Lot: 195.3
2018 Sales: 3,351
2017 Sales 12,725
Engine: 2.0L 4-cylinder, 2.4L 4-cylinder
MPG: 27 city / 34 highway
Horsepower: 148 to 168
Torque: 145 to 167 lb-ft

The Lancer from Mitsubishi is a true legend both on and off the track and this rally car champion will live on, but merely as a memory. Mitsubishi pulled the plug in 2017; mainly due to a shift in buyer behavior. It took over six months to sell the manufacturer’s final 3,351 cars.

This article was first discovered on USA Today.