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Check Out the Mazda CX-30 Making its Way to US

Mazda has heard the cry for more options in the mid-size SUV segment and has answered those calls by bringing it to America!

Called the CX-30, this isn’t a replacement for the Mazda CX-3. I know, the name is confusing like when Chevrolet already had the Volt and then launched the Bolt, and well that didn’t work out great.

Maybe Mazda should’ve thought of something less confusing for the name, like I don’t know… the CX-4?

You know there isn’t much that’s original about this vehicle when Mazda’s official press release is loaded with phrases like “combines the bold proportions of an SUV with elegant styling” and “make new and stimulating discoveries within their daily lives.” That’s some pretty juicy word salad.

We know a little bit of substance. It uses the same platform as the Mazda3. That means all-wheel drive is in the mix. It’s likely the SUV will share engines with the car. Apparently four adults of non-specific sizing can fit in the Mazda CX-30. Rear legroom is supposed to match the CX-5, so anyone tall won’t fit in the backseat. Oh, and performance aspects like acceleration and handling have been “dramatically enhanced,” but it’s not clear over what, since no CX-30 has existed before.

Source: Insider Car News