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#Hyundai’s Next-gen #Sonata Gets New Platform Architecture

The third-generation Sonata will be making its way to dealership showrooms soon, but what exactly has Hyundai redesigned? Evidently, a new platform architecture has been designed to help improve its competitiveness in the slowing sedan segment. The new design aims to reduce weight and boost gas mileage – two things that make the new Sonata more sporty.

Engineers lowered the position of heavy equipment to drop the car’s center-of-gravity and enhance lateral stiffness. The changes are said to make the car more stable.

The new Sonata will feature more power and a better driving experience, accommodating Hyundai’s next-generation ‘Smartstream’ powertrain.

The redesigned Sonata is scheduled to arrive on the market later this month.

Source: LeftLaneNews