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Is the Touchpad in the 2019 #Lexus #ES Useless?

As with just about every luxury sedan, the Lexus ES has a touchscreen interface that can also be operated via controller that is positioned on the middle console. But unlike others in the luxury sedan space, Lexus has replaced their wheel-control with a touchpad that’s finger operated. But “finger operated” appears to be its biggest downfall.

I’ve made a firm decision about how I feel about the Lexus touchpad, and that is not favorable.

Initially, I thought the touchpad was a good idea, kind of like a track pad on a laptop computer. But the more I use it, the less I like it.

It’s difficult to make selections and page through menu screens, and the location of the pad makes it easy for the front seat passenger to tap it and make an annoying clicking sound or change radio stations unintentionally.

First my mom and then my husband took turns driving me crazy with their errant taps.

If you can get beyond this black mark, the 2019 ES is an otherwise stellar vehicle.

Source: ABC 3340