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Mercedes-Benz’s Maybach SUV to be Manufactured Stateside

Have you seen it? It’s glorious in every conceivable way. If it’s a luxury SUV you’re after, you cannot outdo the Maybach SUV from Mercedes, which will soon be manufactured in the United States.

The SUV, based on the all-new third-generation GLS platform, would be the most expensive passenger vehicle made in America. The model is expected to be priced at about $200,000, sources said.

The unibody Mercedes-Maybach GLS would be powered by a 560-plus hp V-8 engine and likely debut in China this year and go on sale early next year.

Mercedes-Benz USA CEO Dietmar Exler described the Maybach GLS as a “halo car.”

The Maybach brand “stands for luxury,” Exler told Automotive News. “It will help build the Mercedes brand, no question.”

Mercedes hopes to introduce the Maybach brand across different models, just as it has done with its AMG performance brand.

“We’ll logically extend it where it makes sense,” Exler said. “I cannot imagine you will have a Maybach A class. But on the top luxury cars, to have the luxury edition makes a whole lot of sense for us.”

Source: Automotive News Europe