No Time to Die Isn’t the Only Bond Film With Sweet Rides

James Bond is the quintessential spy. The orphan turned assassin likes to work alone, but frequently shares the silver screen with some pretty hot sheetmetal. The first trailer for No Time To Die dropped on Wednesday, and it gave us our first glimpse at the 25th Bond film in the storied franchise. The new teaser shows a retired Bond being pulled back into service by an old friend, Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright).

The trailer is packed with action. Motorcycle chases, an Aston Martin DB5 with miniguns in the headlamps, and a Land Rover being chased by a helicopter all feature in this first teaser. This is the fifth and likely final James Bond film Daniel Craig will headline, and we decided to put together a list of the cars that have starred alongside the most recent incarnation of the legendary British spy. Check out the trailer below and read on for a look at almost all the James Bond cars Craig has piloted through the years.

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