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What Month Do New Car Models Come Out?

Are you in the market for a new car and want to know when the next model year will be available? It is believed that shortly after WWII, the majority automotive manufacturers agreed that the first of October would be the day new model years would arrive at dealers. And this was typically the time of year that automakers would introduce new model years up until around 2014 when new cars began hitting dealerships in late summer through early fall. However, more recently automakers have been breaking the tradition and introducing cars sometimes as early as March as we saw with the newly redesigned Ram pickup truck for 2019.

Want to Own New But Don’t Want to Pay Full Price?

If planning to buy a new car, and want to get a really good deal on it, you may want to wait for the new model years to start popping up at dealerships. At this time opt for the current year vehicle because the dealers will be offering these cars at significantly discounted prices; especially in comparison to the model year vehicles. So if you want to buy new and don’t have to have the latest model year, the best time of year to buy a car is whenever the automaker of your choice delivers the new model year car of your choice to the dealerships.

So, just how much do car prices drop when new models come out? Depends on the dealer. Depends on the state of the economy. Depends on the vehicle. Some dealerships won’t drop the price very much, but will offer other incentives instead; like zero percent financing or cash back offers. You should be able to safely negotiate $2,000 to $4,000 dollars off of the new model’s sticker price when buying the current year’s model.

Get Notified with Alerts

If you have your mind set on a particular manufacturer or model and you want to know when exactly your dream car will be available to purchase, set up a Google Alert. With a Google Alert you can have an email sent to you as soon as the internet starts talking about the car you want arriving at dealerships. Simply enter your keywords, i.e. 2020 infiniti q50 in showrooms, set your preferences, and let Google do the rest.

Cars Aren’t Fully Redesigned Very Often

On a side note, a new model year may not necessarily be a new model vehicle. More often than not car manufacturers keep the same model vehicle for many years making slight modifications but keeping the general size and shape. With this said, it’s often very hard for most people to tell the difference between one model year to the next. So why not save when buying new and go with the current model year over next year’s more expensive cousin?

The Drawback to Buying the Current Year Vehicle

The most obvious deterrent to not going with the new model year car is that buying the car made for the current calendar year is immediately one year older. If you buy a 2019 Malibu and the 2020 models are in showrooms, you instantly have a one-year-old vehicle.

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