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Why is #Hyundai Dialing Down the #KonaElectric Production?

In an era where electric cars are being produced by just about every major automaker and one in which, even more so, where crossover SUVs are all the rage, why would Hyundai reduce production of their Kona Electric?

That demand, combined with the lower-than-expected production numbers have contributed to creating long waiting lists, and even what some would consider price-gouging at some Hyundai dealers in the US.

Personally, I’m not surprised that the demand is so strong. I was thoroughly impressed when I attended the Kona Electric press drive last year, and was disappointed to hear the from Hyundai that the US wouldn’t be getting nearly enough to satisfy the likely demand.

However, I was pleased to see Hyundai Kona Electric monthly production numbers raising significantly last fall, and eclipsing the 5,300-unit mark for both November and December of 2018. It was starting to look like Hyundai was going to really try to meet the global demand for this long-range, affordable small crossover. Then came 2019.

Hyundai produced only 3,074 Kona Electrics in January and then a paltry 2,168 in February. Even if you combine production of those two months, they don’t add up to November or December’s production total. So, what gives?

Source: Inside EVs